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Service Industry

Our expertise in Services industry for nearly 20 years spans banking, insurance, asset management, capital markets, International Finance, B2B and B2C E-commerce, Retail, Real Estate, Government bodies etc.


We specialize in disruptive strategies, competitive positioning, go to market strategies, development of AI and Digital assets, corporate finance and governance models. We also have access to a large network of subject matter experts in other functions and industries that we can leverage


We help companies overcome disruptions from AI and Digital startups. We also help accelerate the transformation phase of service companies with insights, team development, and team management.


We have worked with large institutions to defend from disruption from new entrants, new technologies, new geographies and even new data. We have also helped SME companies chart new strategy to capture market share.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation involves diagnosis and action along 7 dimensions – digital, emotional, innovational, ethical, social, environmental and cognitive intelligence.

We have helped our clients conceive the digital transformation pipeline, diagnose capabilities and challenges along several dimensions, project manage individual strategic milestones and create a bespoke transformation experience for the organization.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, Machine Learning and Data Science simply mean “learn from your past” i.e. Big Data!


We have a wealth of experience in building Machine Learning models, helping business units align strategy and execution to data science findings and work closely with the CTO organization to implement agile processes that support AI/ML/Advanced Analytics.


Gandiv Consulting serves clients primarily in US, India, Middle East and Singapore. Our clients represent a broad range of sectors, including banking, insurance, asset management, consumer retail and high tech.


All client names and project details are treated with the highest confidentiality. However, references are the currency of our business. We are happy to provide references upon request.

Example Projects

Asset Management


Developed organic growth strategy for growing 3rd party asset management for a large American Insurance company

Several US Banks


Led model development for PPNR, PD, LGD, Ops Risk, Interest rate risk and Treasury models for CFOs and CROs of several banks

Leading Hedge Fund

Developed unsupervised high frequency stat-arb equity trading models

Leading Online B2B Sales Platform


Created a defensive disruption hedge on existing digital assets through peer recommendation system



Restructure a P&C insurer’s mix of channels to feature low-cost digital offering with wider market reach

Wealth Management


Impact assessment of digitization on customer acquisition and retention

Traditional Retail


Developed a supervised machine learning model for staffing stores to maximize traffic and sales for a leading groceries retailer

Online Retail


Developed customer acquisition and switching cost models for traditional and digital channels

Dr. Jayanth Krishnan

Dr. Jayanth Krishnan founded Gandiv Consulting for a singular purpose - deliver rousing impact for organizations looking to establish a vanguard position in their industry. He has held leadership positions in institutions such as McKinsey, Bank of America, Gartner and International Monetary Fund. He has also been visiting faculty at Wharton School and INSEAD (France). He is frequently invited to speak at startup conferences, academic seminars and international forums and industry groups.



For larger engagements, Dr. Krishnan can leverage a larger network of professionals, academic researchers, CxOs and subject matter experts.


Dr. Krishnan's interests include Vedanta, Stoicism, mythology, meditation, Yoga, Behavioral Economics, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, Macro-finance and Eco-conservation.


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